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DSK: Whip-Wielding Fedora by Elfmaiden687 DSK: Whip-Wielding Fedora by Elfmaiden687
When my grandfather unexpectedly passed away in March of this year, I was crushed. I still think of him often, and my grandmother, who now lives alone. One of the things my grandpa and I had in common was a love for the "Indiana Jones" movies, and we both had matching Indy fedoras. I have a photo of the two of us wearing our fedoras together. This was the inspiration behind this mini kit.

6 Papers
2 Photo Corners
2 Riboons
3 Buttons
2 Leather Silhouettes

Stock images courtesy of :iconlove2b: and :iconlukeroberts:

:bulletgreen:Use the items presented in this kit to make any craft or complete any project you wish for personal use and entertainment.
:bulletgreen:Alter, recolor, modify or resize any items in this kit for your personal projects
:bulletgreen:Use items in this kit to make gifts for family and friends, so long as everything is permanently placed. (For digital scrapbooks, the finished page must be presented as a flattened .JPG or .PNG image. For printed projects, items must be permanently glued down or attached.)
:bulletgreen:Display any derivative works made from items in this kit in a public forum, so long as I am properly credited.
:bulletgreen:Make one copy of this file for backup purposes.

:bulletred:Sell or trade individual items from this kit.
:bulletred:Sell or trade derivative works made from items from this kit. This includes “quick pages” for scrapbooking.
:bulletred:Copy and redistribute items from this kit on your own personal blog, gallery, or website. Please link to my gallery if you wish to share this kit. This also includes file sharing websites like Rapidshare.
:bulletred:Modify anything in this kit and claim it as your own.
:bulletred:Use items from this kit to make items such as brushes, textures, backgrounds, etc. and redistribute them.

By downloading this file, you agree to the terms listed above.
Please give proper credit!

Indiana Jones copyright Lucas Arts Entertainment
GeekyShyMama Featured By Owner May 22, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
I am so sorry about your grandfather, thank you so much for this kit, take care dear.
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September 2, 2011
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